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We all need more storage in our kit, there are many large pouches you can set all of your gear in but then you have to sort through it all to get the tool or item you are looking for out of it. This is not only a waste of time, but it keeps your attention away from where it should be for an extended period of time. What if we could sandwich all of these tools in a pocket that had individual straps for holding items like knives, pens, lights, batteries, smokes, etc… The Admin pouch is made by many manufacturers in many different shapes styles and sizes. Some of them have velcro on the front, some have ID pouches and some have additional MOLLE webbing. It is important for you to determine what features you need in an admin pouch before purchasing as many will suit different vests, needs and purposes better than others.

I recently picked up a Condor Admin pouch because it was relatively inexpensive and it had extra MOLLE webbing on the front. In this case, I went with a less expensive brand because I have never owned an admin pouch before and I wanted to see how it would fit my gear and if I would like its function. I have only used it for one exercise and I was happy with it, so the admin will stay to see another day.
Spec wise, the Condor admin pouch is 7.5 x 10″. It is loaded with open pockets, zipper pockets and elastic keepers. there is a utility cord run through the unit so that you can open the pouch and have it hold open at a 90 degree angle. The unit is held shut by a zipper on top and sides, as well as velcro support straps on either side. This provides a great writing, reading or work area for whatever your position requires. Fully loaded this pouch measured out at 3″ thick. This was nice as it was simple and unobstructive to wear mags and a light over top of it. There are 6 rows of pals webbing on the back, but they only provide 4 of their MOD straps (which I am not really a fan of, there are many better options out there). Even with the 4 provided it holds securely in place on my chest rig without the slightest bit of wobble. I did not experience any issues with uneven spacing on the MOLLE as many seem to have found with Condor and the stitching looks top notch. Obviously the test of time will tell us if this is going to hold up to some real pain and punishment.

As you can see in the pictures I like to pack small and keep it out of the way. This is my purpose to select a unit with MOLLE on the front, it can simply tuck away and keep life simple. There is also a map pouch included to keep your operational map dry and protected. For the first time in my life I have actually liked having one of those. I will keep you updated as time passes and more beatings happen to this pouch , but I have high hopes.

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